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Platinium - Pyramid 100 plants 1 cubic meter, aeroponic system, explosive growth and flowering

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PLATINIUM HYDROPONICS presents: The latest addition to the MODULAR family, the Pyramid! 100 cm wide - 100 cm deep - 100 cm high - 100 plants!

Double your growing area while maintaining the same floor space

100% modular

The aerodynamic cover of the PLATINIUM Pyramid is equipped with 12 rotating nozzles to distribute the nutrient solution to the roots, and offers an extremely comfortable space for the development of root mass.

1m² in the soil = 2m² of cultivation


  • x100  Platinium hydroponic basket 5cm
  • x100  PLATINIUM Neoprene foam insert for aeroponics system 7cm
  • x1  irrigation clamp 16mn
  • x1  Platinium Hydroponic culture - Modular tank 100 - 85L - spare parts
  • x1  Platinium Hydroponics - Platinium Modular access door
  • x2  Platinium Hydroponics - Pyramid System Gate
  • x2  Platinium Hydroponics - Plant Wall Pyramid System
  • x2  Platinium Hydroponics - Lateral wall of the pyramidal system
  • x1  Platinium Hydroponics - Pyramid system piping and irrigation
  • x1  PLATINUM WATER PUMP PL4500-75 - Flow: 4500L/H - H. MAX. 400CM

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